Great Stocking Stuffers for anyone who works in the O.R.

Great Stocking Stuffers or Secret Santa’s for our favorite O.R. buddies.

So, the gift giving season is upon us once again. The time of year where we sometimes struggle to find that perfect gift for the special people in our lives. I myself know that struggle; what do you get someone who has everything? Below is a list of gift items that I think our fellow surgical specialty loved ones would be so very happy to receive!!!


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Thank You & Happy Gift Hunting – Today’s OR

1. Compression Socks

For all the long hours spent on their feet, Compression Socks are a must for anyone working in the OR. Say goodbye to those tired, achy legs & feet, by showing off some personality by sporting a stylish pair of these!

2. Safety Glasses

It’s all fun and games till someone gets blood in their eye. We all know the importance of wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Not only does it keep the patient safe, it keeps us as caregivers safe as well. Yes, the facility provides us with eyewear, however sometimes we like to have the opportunity to express our personal style. Check out these safety glasses and see if they are a perfect fit for anyone you know!



3. Hats

As with the previous two items listed, showing off personal style is important. We like to add our personal flair in little ways. Another way to personalize our look is with our head coverings. With so many styles and patterns to choose from, there is something for everyone.

  4. Ornaments

Let your loved one show off their profession with lovely themed ornaments.




5. Car Accessories

Something most of us share in common with each other is our pride in the profession we have chosen. What better way than on our vehicles. Decals & License Plate Frames are a perfect way to promote our professions.



6. Magnetic Photo Frames

Most of us like to show off our family & pets on our lockers. There is no better way to spotlight these memories than with a frame.





 7. Phone Cases & Accessories

Everybody has a phone and nobody wants it damaged. Why not find a phone case or accessory that your loved one will think is awesome? Look for one that is easy to wipe down.

8. Journals

Weather new to the profession or you have been around for years, a journal is a great investment. It’s the perfect place to jot down notes of Surgeon preferences. Also, a battery won’t die on this non-electronic version of note taking!!

9. Scratch Tickets

Who doesn’t love scratch tickets??? We all have that secret wish to win big and retire. Okay, maybe not retire, but a fully paid for vacation sounds good!! Remember, you can’t win, if you don’t play!!

10. Coffee Shop Gift Cards in Mug

We all know that EVERYONE that works in the O.R. runs on COFFEE. So, what better gift than a gift card for some joe, and a mug to fill it in!!


11. Badge Holders

Add some pizazz to their look with a cute badge holder. Yet another way we O.R. folk like to show off our style. Lanyard or clip, there are so many styles to choose.