From Left to Right
Lieberman Eye Speculum
15° Blade
Crescent Blade
2.75mm Slit Knife Blade
.12 Girard Forceps Colibri Style (we just call them Colibri)
Provisc (Viscoat not shown)(thick gel that holds space in eye while
 making incision into lens capsule)
Cystotome Blade (incision into lens capsule)
Utrata Capsulorhexis Forceps (removes small amount of capsule to
access lens)
BSS in 3cc syringe w/ 27g irrigation cannula (hydrodissect lens letting it
spin free within capsule)
2nd Instrument (used to manipulate lens during removal)
Phaco Handpiece (we now use Ozil) (breaks up & removes lens)
I/A (Irrigation / Aspiration) Handpiece (removes remaining fragments)
Bi-manual I/A Irrigation
Bi-manual I/A Aspiration
Angled Tying Forceps (to insert IOL into cartridge)
D Cartridge (this cartridge changes depending on what lens is being put
Monarch II IOL Inserter (holds cartridge & delivers IOL into eye)
– On top BSS Irrigation bottle w/ 21g irrigation cannula (to keep eye
moist & allow good visualization during case)


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