– 4-0 Neurolon for Dural Sutures
– Fish Hooks on Kochers to hold back scalp flap
– Surgicel cut into various sizes
– Gelfoam & Thrombin cut into various sizes
– Various size Patties (1/2×3, 3/4×3, 1×3, 1/2×1/2, 3/4×3/4, 1×1)

Mayo Stand Set-up
Left Side
– Cobb Elevator used to lift Scalp Flap off the Skull
– Curved Joker used to help to gently separate dura off the Skull Flap
– Double Ended Elevator used to gently separate dura off the underside of the skull
– Dental Tool May be used the same as the joker
– Penfield 1
– Penfield 2
– Penfield 3 used to help to gently separate dura off the Skull Flap
– Penfield 4
– Curette used to carefully clean bone debris from the burr hole site
– Angled Kerrison Rongeur used to clean bone debris from the burr hold site
– Pituitary Rongeur used to remove clot
– Med Cup w/ Raney Clips
– Raytec
– Raney Clips on Appliers used along the scalp flap to reduce bleeding
– Cushing Retractor skin retraction for the corners of the scalp flap while making the burr holes

Right Side
– #11 Blade Dural incision
– #15 Blade Dural incision
– #10 Blade x 2 skin incision
– Local
– Straight Mayo (Suture Scissors)
– Strully Scissors (Dural Scissors)
– Single Tooth Forceps (Rat Tooth) for scalp incision
– Bayonet Forceps General Neuro Forceps
– Cushing Forceps
– B-1 Midas Bit used to connect the burr holes
– B Sleeve for the Midas Drill has a protective foot on the end to prevent the bit from penetrating the dura
– Midas Drill w/ Perforator attached used to make burr holes, then remove perforator & put B-1 w/ B sleeve on

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