From Right to Left
– Heaney Side Wall Retractor x 2 (visualization of vagina & cervix)
– Sims Retractor (visualization of vagina & cervix)
– Sponge Stick (grasp cervix)
– Single Tooth Tenaculum (grasp cervix)
– Local
– Uterine Sound (calibrated to measure length of uterus)
– Heaney Dilators (to dilate cervix)
– Uterine Curettes (to scrape uterine lining)


In Pan Right to Left
– Scissors
– Jacobs Multi tooth Tenaculum (to grasp cervix)
– Ovum Forceps (to remove tissue from inside the uterus)
– Packing Forceps (for utero-vaginal packing) (we use it to remove tissue from the uterus)
– Curved Sponge Stick
– Towel Clip & Drape Clamp
– Open Sided Vaginal Speculum (this particular Dr. didn’t use it, however very commonly used)
– Heavy Weighted Vaginal Speculum
– More Heaney Dilators (very large sizes)
– K Curette (Kovorkian Curette for endo-cervical Curettage

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