– 30° Arthroscope Lens
– Arthroscopy Cannula
– Obturator for Cannula


Obturator inside Cannula (Sheath) For the obturator to lock into cannula the flat side on obturator matches with flat side on Cannula.

After Cannula is inserted into knee the Dr. will remove the obturator & lock in the Lens. The light cord attachment area will match up with the flat side of the cannula to lock in place

Camera & Light Cord

Arthrocare 50° Arthrowand. Bipolar technology (no need for grounding pad) this device Coagulates & Ablates. Coagulation is the use of heat to seal a bleeding vessel, while Ablation is the use of heat to vaporize (solid to vapor) the tissue.


Arthroscopy Shavers the Purple shaver is a 4.5mm Incisor Plus. The Grey shaver is a 3.5 Incisor Plus. The shaver uses suction to pull the frayed tissue into the shaver, while the shaver, shaves the tissue away. Our shavers come in 3 basic types:

  • Full radius (no teeth) least aggressive
  • Incisor (small amount of teeth) moderately aggressive
  • Incisor Plus (many teeth) most aggressive

Stryker Arthroscopy Pump. Pumps fluid into the joint….Pressure (mmHg needed to tamponade bleeding of vessels in the joint) & Flow (how fast the fluid flows into the joint) are set per Dr. preference.

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