Misonix SonicOne OR with SonicVac is used for wound debridement. It uses ultrasonic frequency of 22.5 kHz (22,500 cycles per second) to cause micro cavitation & disruption of the unhealthy tissue, as well as suction to aspirate the disrupted tissue away from the wound.

Non-Disposable items

– SonicOne OR Handle
– Tightening Wrench
– Anti-Rotation Plate

Disposable Items

– Ultrasonic Tip
– Tip Sleeve w/ SonicVac (suction) tubing
– Irrigation tubing (cut for photos b/c it was used & a tangled mess)

Assembly – Screw the Ultrasonic Tip onto the handle

Place the hand tightened assembly into the anti-rotation plate. On the main part of the handle there are 2 flat sides that will allow the handle to fit perfectly into the anti-rotation plate

Handle seated properly in anti-rotation plate

The disposable tip also has 2 flat sides cut out that allow the wrench to seat perfectly. Tighten the tip by turning the wrench counter-clockwise.

This tip does NOT have any audible sound, as well as etched area to align, to know that you have assembled it tight enough.

Attach the disposable sleeve over the Ultrasonic Tip. This sleeve will screw on.

Attach the irrigation tubing to the back end of the handle


Attach sterile suction tubing to the end of the sleeve tubing.

Fully assembled Misonix SonicOne OR with SonicVac



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