Shoulder Arthroscopy

  Shoulder Arthroscopy Rotator Cuff Repair Silver Handle Instruments x 2 are the 20° & 45° elevators Red Handle Instrument is the double sided Glenoid Rasp Yellow Handle Instrument is the Arthrex 8.25mm Cannula Insertion Handle (to be used along with a switching stick or wissenger rod) Orange Handle Instrument Continue Reading

Versajet Hydrosurgery System

The Versajet Hydrosurgery System is used for wound debridement such as: Diabetic ulcers Pressure Sores Infected wounds Burns The Versajet uses saline under extremely high pressure (water jet) that precisely excises the tissue. Because the saline pressure is so strong a vacuum effect occurs, so the tissue that is excised is also Continue Reading

Versapoint Resectoscope

Versapoint Resectoscope From Right to Left – 30° Hysteroscopy Lens – Sheath for quick hysteroscopy before using. The resectoscope (not part of the resectoscopeassembly ) – Obturator of resectoscope assembly assembly – Inner Cannula of resectoscope assembly – Outter Cannula of resectoscope assembly – Working Electrode (disposable) – Power Cord Continue Reading