MyoSure Operative Hysteroscopy Lens

Disposable Seals for the Hysterscope & Outflow Cannula

Outflow / Suction Tubing

On the side handed off to the circulator the tubing Ys. The White end of the tubing attaches to the suction canister without the sockĀ  & the Yellow end of the tubing attaches to the suction port on the under buttox drape

Inflow / Irrigation Tubing

MyoSure Hand piece. This particular one is the MyoSure Reach

Hysterscope Assembly

Items needed:
– Hysterscope
– Cannula Seal x 1
– Cannula Seal Cap x 1

Place the Seal in the back end of the scope convex side down, concave side showing

Screw the Seal Cap on securely

Hysterscope assembled

Outflow Cannula Assembly

Items needed:
– Outflow Cannula
– Seal
– Seal Cap


Same as hysterscope, insert seal into end of outflow cannula convex side down, concave side showing

Outflow Cannula Assembled

Outflow Cannula inserted into the back of the Hysterscope

Outflow Cannula Luer Lock is marked with a Yellow arrow indicating to connect the Yellow Outflow Tubing to this part of the instrument

Hysterscope Luer Lock is marked with a Blue arrow indicating to connect the Blue Inflow Tubing to this part of the instrument

Blue to blue
Yellow to yellow

Depending on the brand of light cord each hospital / surgi-center uses will determine which tip will be used for the lighr cord

Left to right:
– Dyonics / Wolfe
– Storz / Olympus

If a MyoSure will be used make sure to have the specimen collection sock in place

The MyoSure Handpiece Suction tubing will be connected to the White Connector on the top of the Suction Canister

Aquilex Fluid Control System & MyoSure Machines

This system works with different fluids for Uterine Distension
– Normal Saline (Max Deficit Limit 2500mL)
– Lactated Ringers (Max Deficit Limit 2500mL)
– Sorbitol (Max Deficit Limit 1000mL)
– Manitol (Max Deficit Limit 1000mL)
– Glycine (Max Deficit Limit 1000mL)

(We only use Normal Saline & set the max deficit limit to 1000mL)

Aquilex Fluid Control System

Left to Right
– On / Off Switch
– Prime Button to prime hand piece. when priming the hand piece make sure it isĀ parallel to the floor. Also after the hand piece is primed press the ZERO button located under the Deficit indicator to zero out the fluid deficit.
– Notifacation Panel
– Pressure Settings
– What pressure is set to (bottom)
– Actual Intrauterine Pressure (top)
– Fluid Settings
– Deficit Max Limit
– Lighted Display that corresponds with Deficit Limit
– Actual Fluid Deficit (in red) If this number seems high make sure that any fluid that has leaked into the pouch on the under buttox drape has been suctioned out completely
– Zero Button for zeroing out the deficit after the hand piece is primed, before starting the procedure so that the actual fluid deficit will be accurate.
– Not shown in photo is where the inflow tubing connects to the machine

MyoSure Machine

Left to Right
– MyoSure Handpiece connection port
– Usage Timer (min: sec) gray button resets timer
– Foot pedal Connection
– On / Off Switch

Canister on Left has the Specimen Collection Sock for use with the MyoSure Handpiece

Canister on Right WITHOUT Specimen Collection Sock is for regular hysteroscopies

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