DaVinci Xi Robotic Assisted Hysterectomy

– Back Table is set up for the Abdominal part of the procedure

– Prep Stand is set up for the Vaginal part of the procedure

– Side Basin just has the cords that will be put on the field for the Abdominal part of the procedure
– Blue NON-DISPOSABLE cord is the Bipolar cord
– Green NON-DISPOSABLE cord is the Monopolar cord
– Laparoscopic irrigator
– Insufflation tubing (not shown, under other tubing)
– Smoke evacuation tubing (not shown, under other tubing)

Back table

Vaginal set-up

– Open Sided Duckbill Speculum to visualize the cervix
– Single Tooth Tenaculum to grasp the cervix
– Uterine Sound to measure the length of the cervix, this will let the surgeon know how far to put the dilators & manipulator in.
– Uterine Dilators, it is surgeon’s preference what type of dilators they want to use (Heagar, Pratt, etc.)
– Manipulator (not shown) w/ syringe to blow up the balloon

Xi Trocars

– The 3 black stripes (2 thin & 1 thick) on the trocars are the part of the robots Remote Centering Technology. This allows the surgeon to place the trocars at the proper depth as to maximize trocar pivotal motion & decrease the forces placed on the patients abdominal wall

Trocar on the Right, showing trocar without the disposable trocar cap secured on.


DaVinci Xi Robotic Instruments

Vision Cart & Draped Patient Cart




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