A Synthes DHS (Dynamic Hip Screw) Procedure is done for patients with either a Non-Displaced or Minimally-Displaced Intertrochanteric (between the greater & lesser trochanter) Hip Fracture.

From Left to Right
– Angle Guide
– Guide Pins
– Depth Gauge
– Lag Screw Reamer
– Lag Screw Tap
– Lag Screw Capture Device
– Lag Screw Screwdriver
– Pusher
– Drill Bit for Plate Screws
– Drill Guide
-Tap for Plate Screws
– Depth Gauge
– Power Screwdriver
– Hand Held Screwdriver

Angle Guide w/ Guide pins, guide pin drilled through Femoral Neck into Femoral Head….Dr. will choose which angle guide he wants to use…ex: 130° 135° 140° 145° etc… Whatever angle guide the Dr. uses will be the same angle plate the Dr. will use

Depth Gauge, once Dr. likes placement of Guide Pin he / she will take a measurement. This is what you will set your Lag Screw Reamer to….This is also the length of your Lag Screw…

Lag Screw Reamer, comes Disassembled you can use the Short Reamer Barrel or Long (next photo) depends on if using a short or long barrel plate

Lag Screw Reamer, same as above photo except this is the long Barrel

Lag Screw Reamer

– Assembly

Lag Screw Reamer
– Assembly

Lag Screw Reamer, set to length of previously measured Guide Pin, then attached to Jacobs Chuck

Lag Screw Tap, comes disassembled….This is the same T Handle from the Angle Guide

Lag Screw Tap

– Assembly

Lag Screw Tap

– Assembled

Top to Bottom
– Lag Screw (Implant) Length determined from measuring guide pin drilled into femoral head
– Angled Buttress Plate (Implant) Angle determined by Angle Guide. Dr. will choose length of plate

– Lag Screw Capture
– Lag Screw Screwdriver

Lag Screw & Capture Device

Lag Screw Captured

Lag Screw & Plate on Driver Handle

Pusher, once the Lag Screw & Plate are in the pt. the pusher will wedge the plate against the bone

Verbrugge Bone Holding Forceps/ Clamps are used to hold the plate tight against the bone

Drill Bit, AO Trinkle Adapter, Drill Guide, Depth Gauge (not shown…oops) for drilling holes on shaft of plate

Tap, cuts threads for the screw to follow (Only needed if Screws are NOT self tapping)

Power Screwdriver

Handheld Screwdriver for final tightening



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