The Misonix Bone Scalpel uses Ultrasonic Frequency Waves (22,500/sec) to cut through bone just as a scalpel would cut through soft tissue. This instrument is used mainly in spine surgery, yet can be used in other specialities as well. The bone scalpel cuts through bone without injuring the soft tissue that is in close proximity, such as vessels & nerves.

Non-Disposable items
– Metal Anti-Rotation Plate
– Metal Wrench
– Handpiece
– Black Sleeve

Disposable items
– Metal Extension Tip
– Metal Blunt Blade
– Silicone Sleeve
– Irrigation tubing (not shown)

Assemble the Blunt Bade onto the Extension Tip

Screw Extension Tip Assembly to the handpiece

The handpiece will then be put into the anti-rotation plate as shown on the metal plate

The handpiece will securely fit into the plate find the 2 flat sides & slide handpiece into the plate

Take the wrench & tighten counter clockwise

Next use the same wrench & tighten the blade onto the extension tip. There will be a tightening sound

The Blade will be properly tightened when the cutout line on the blade is within the laser etched black area of the Extension Tip

After all the tightening is done screw the probe cover onto the handpiece

The Silicone Sleeve will be placed over the Blade & Extension Tip connection

Attach the irrigation tubing to the back end of the handpiece.

To decrease cord madness steri-strip the irrigation tubing & handpiece cord together.



Here is a video of the assembly of the Misonix Bone ScalpelĀ 

You can follow Today’s OR on YouTube to see more videos.

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