Rectal Procedure Set-up.


Probe & Groove used in fistula cases. The probe is inserted into the fistula tract to see the direction & depth of the tract before   either excision or placement of Seton stitch (a procedure where a vessel loop or something of that nature is passed through the fistula end to end & then secured together. This is done to keep the fistula open & draining during wound healing)

Anoscope used to visualize the anus & few inches into rectum. Used mainly hemorrhoid procedures.


Left to Right

– Hill-Ferguson Rectal Retractors x 3 (small, medium, large) used the same as the Anoscope (see description in previous photo)

– Rosser Crypt Hook used in anal fistula procedures. Hook is inserted into anal crypt & identifies the fistula tract

– Barr Probe used the same as the probe from the Probe & Groove (see description in previous photo)


Rigid Sigmoidoscope

Used to visualize the anus, rectum, & lower sigmoid colon. Sometimes used in conjunction with rectal procedures to see further up the bowel for abnormalities. If there is a concern, a biopsy can be taken w/ the biopsy foceps (pictured above as well as a suction tip)


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