Versapoint Resectoscope

From Right to Left

– 30° Hysteroscopy Lens
– Sheath for quick hysteroscopy before using. The resectoscope (not part of the resectoscopeassembly )
– Obturator of resectoscope assembly assembly
– Inner Cannula of resectoscope assembly
– Outter Cannula of resectoscope assembly
– Working Electrode (disposable)
– Power Cord (not disposable)
– Handpiece of resectoscope assembly

– The Versapoint is a Bipolar system, no grounding pad is needed for this case

– Uses IV NaCl throughout whole case, no need to change fluids

– Most commonly used to resect intrauterine polyps & fibroids

– Assembly:  To watch a short video on how to assemble the Versapoint Resectoscope, just visit Today’s OR on YouTube!!


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